CP Power R-10 Micro USB Data Charging Cable


You Save: 150.00

  • Micro usb charging cable for android phones
  • Supports up to 480 mbps data transmission speed
  • Ideal for charging android phones and tablets or connecting pc peripherals such as hard drives, printers, and more
  • Compact connector head works with nearly all cases



Product description

This Generic micro USB Data Cable has great power to done fast charging with any device.Data Cabel Designed for connection of smartphone to USB supported devices Designed to connect micro U S B devices including the Android smartphone to a USB charger or USB Port. Allows simultaneous charging and syncing of your smartphone This quality cable allows you to connect your smartphone to your laptop in order to charge your phone and exchange / sync data simultaneously. Flat cables that won’t get tangled with other cables flat cable which means it will stay tangle free for hassle free storage and use. Excellent product quality . This non-genuine cables still provides all of the functionality as the original Apple cable; Technical Specifications: Length: 1 meter\ New High quality generic U S B Data / Charging Cables (Micro U S B). Pure copper core cables make charging more stable and fast. Revolutionary 2-in-1 cable for charging power and transferring data simultaneously! Start syncing your phone with a PC today through this premium quality data cables. Color : white/black or other colors is ok . you can mix colors . U S B type : we have all smart phones .High Quality Flat High Speed Data Sync Micro USB Charger Cable.


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