Goldmedal 240V Dazzle 2 Pin 5 Mtr Cable Extension Cords


You Save: 73.00

  • Material: plastic, color: white and red
  • Package contents: 1 goldmedal 240v dazzle 2 pin 5 mtr cable extension cords
  • It is a 2 pin 5 metre cable extension cord with indicator and international socket



Product description
An extension cord is a length of flexible electrical power cable with a plug on one end and one or more sockets on the other end. It is the most convenient way of using multiple devices with one wall socket. This 2-pin extension cord by gold medal enables the user to plug in various electronic devices at once so that they can always stay charged and connected. The two-pin connectivity offers easy connection to any wall socket. The light indicator offers a visual signal about the status of the sockets. This can be very convenient for users while plugging/unplugging devices from the sockets. The light can also be a big help in the dark. The plastic coating and the pvc wire make this extension cord shock and water-resistant which in turn reduce the chances of accidents. The sturdy base gives a good grip to the user and prevents the cord getting misbalanced due to pressure. This also reduces the chance of acci


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