Surya Quartz Room Heater 800 Watt


You Save: 346.00

  • Halogen Heater – Dual heat settings – 800 watts with two rods operation /400 watts with single rod operation
  • Room Heaters for winter-Power: 800 watts
  • Room Heater Halogen , Tip over safety switch- will switch off automatically in case of drop down or tip over
  • Room Heater rod, Convenient, efficient, shock proof, 180 degrees rotation and ISI certified
  • Heater For Home , Includes: Heat Converter, Manual and Warranty Card



Product description
Surya Quartz 2 Rod Halogen Heater 800-Watt with Overheating Protection use the latest in light technology for power savings by using a combination of Extra-long Heating Halogen tubes along with High-grade Reflectors for an uninterrupted and efficient heating experience. They also come equipped with Wide Angle Oscillation function to ensure even heating across the room.

Noiseless operation,Dual safety device,Safety tip over switch against tilting,Thermal Fuse

easy to carry safety tip over switch noiseless operation indicator lamp.


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