Treo by milton Lyon Glass Set of 6, 300 ml


You Save: 60.00

Attractive shape of drinking glass tumblers designed to serve water
Crafted for perfect brilliance and permanent clarity
Unique design
An exceptional value and an excellent gift for any occasion
Color: Transparent, Material: Glass
Package Contents: 6 – Piece Lyon Glass (300 ml)



Product description
Serve juice, water and other beverages to your family and guests in class. The tumblers are made of glass and come in plain transparent finish making them perfect for serving any beverage. Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories, and the best thing about memories is making them. Be it relishing a latte in rains, or a family banter over dinner. Finding the perfect gift for that perfect someone or baking a storm for your kid’s birthday. We try adding our bit of magic into making these beautiful moments and the promise of making memories with our finest range of serve and cookware products. Its been our conscious effort to hand pick each of our products from the world’s finest furnaces. And thereafter, them, to suit the indian tastes. It’s glamorous style and true is what makes a prized possession. Cut to perfection, it is the epitome of highest standards and innovation. So come, be a part of this endeavour by choosing a fabulous product from our wide range. An absolute utilitarian yet a futurist, each piece is sure to leave you in awe.


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